Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Fathers and Other Godly Men

In recent months, my family has been struggling with my father being diagnosed with (and treated for) cancer.  He is doing better now, thank goodness!  Last Sunday was Father's Day and there were several other significant events that led me to ponder on Fathers and "other Godly  men".

The week prior to Father's Day, two men--one in our Church and one in my extended friends and family--died.  Friday and Saturday, I was privileged to do their services.  Additionally, I was working on my sermon for Father's Day itself.

Good fathers and other godly men are reminders (just as good Mothers and godly women are)--CLUES if you will--as to what God is like.  Remember the Father of the Prodigal Son?  He knew that his son was making bad choices & he went to wait him out--prepared to pick up the pieces.  That is one example.

One of the persons who I was referring to who passed away was a leader in our church and community; however, he was never a biological father.  I make that distinction because of all of the players and students that he mentored over a long career.  In the course of preparing for his service, the family allowed me to read (and share at the service) many many letters that said he had "been the father so & so never had" or "you taught me to be the kind of man I needed to be."  Many many people loved by and influenced for the good by this man.

We need godly men and women to mentor and love children now more than ever.  If your own parents are alive and nurturing--blessings!  If others have taken that role on for you--thank God!  If you don't know the kind of caring and blessing that comes of a nurturing role model, your Heavenly Father is there.

I encourage you to thank a godly man who has influenced you (or your children) this week.

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